Joy brought clarity to my personal and business life. She is sincere, authentic, and trustworthy, and working with her gave me a sense of peace.
— Jacob Tell, Oniracom
In this modern age, many people can create sustainable independent businesses based on creativity — and as a funky old soul who does things her own way, this inspires me. Finding a collaborative counterpart in Joy has allowed me to learn my own business and all its components well, and to feel secure knowing my bases are covered. Joy’s expertise, efficiency, and alacrity for the truth — and her business practices that are honest and fair — have helped me to affirm my own nature and blossom authentically in sharing my work with the public. Two heads are better than one, and sharing in sincere collaboration with Joy is a dream come true.
— Aly Schoonover, Independent Filmmaker
Joy is personable and professional, and I’m grateful to have her guidance in so many areas of my life. She holds the high watch as I learn to navigate my own business and financial matters, and she’s right there with me every step of the way. I can finally relax, because I trust her knowledge, skill, and expertise to guide us to the next level.
— Lamara Heartwell, Executive Director of Inspiratia and Co-Founder of Santa Barbara Dance Tribe
Joy fully understood our purpose and mission. She’s a well-organized task master and she understands the legal ramifications of each step in the process. We feel empowered by understanding our goals and actualizing all the considerate paperwork that we believe will keep our organization bulletproof. Working with Joy feels more like working with a friend than a businessperson.
— Jack Herschorn, The Sacred Space
Joy is calm, poised, and open-minded. She knows how to ask the right questions, listen intently, and educate appropriately. She has played an important role in my professional journey.
— Krista Frohling, Socius Accounting Solutions
Joy’s approach was the perfect combination of big-picture visioning and detailed planning. I’m excited to build my firm on the solid foundation that Joy helped to create. I’m so grateful for our work together!
My team met with Joy to clarify our vision and decide how to best move forward; we had the passion but didn’t know the next steps to take. Joy acted as a soundboard and swiftly helped to direct us, listening well, identifying the next steps, and leading us confidently. We trusted her immediately, and she motivated us and inspired us. Our work together set the tone for all our current developments.
— Randee Brookins, Inner Warrior Project