Dreams are our most precious thoughts. They hold our absolute hopes, our imagination, our potential - and are as unique as we are individual beings. When we take the time to state our values clearly, we make decisions true to our own spirit. We feel grounded and intentional.


Assuming positive intent is a tool for transformation. Confusion becomes curiosity; distraction becomes focus; conflict becomes opportunity. By neutralizing reactivity, we move into collaboration and feel productive and creative.


There is valuable information in embracing challenges and overcoming resistance. When we take responsibility for our goals, we are willing to do what it takes to achieve them. In meeting our commitments, we feel motivated and excited.


Uncertainty is a great motivator, and genuine, relentless inquiry activates problem-solving. When we value questions more than answers, we gain meaningful insight and the manifestation of our vision is most accurate. In seeking, we feel informed and empowered.


By taking action in alignment with our goals, we become agents of change. Even in just the act of “deciding,” we feel to rooted and strategic.


In every moment there are countless blessings. Thankfulness shifts us into a broad, generous place. Through the practice of gratitude, we feel calm and positive.


Practicing from the “observer” place allows us to detach from emotion and effectively collect the information necessary to sustain the vision, including insight into our true motivations (hopes, beliefs, agreements, fears). Open-mindedness allows us to consider beyond our own perspective, and to feel clear and efficient.


Acting in service to meaningful vision is an opportunity to be of service to the collective greatest good. When we put our dreams to work, we feel connected and purposeful.


To pursue vision requires a readiness to overcome natural resistance, to ask for help, and to stretch outside of the familiar. When we are eager to learn and grow, we feel educated and confident.


Stewardship assumes certain promises: to be available; to be responsible; to tell the truth; to honor confidentiality; to be careful; to serve the vision. Every interaction is an opportunity to deepen trust. In trusted relationships, we feel supported and safe to explore our vision.


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