noun |  cre·a·tor | krē-ˈā-tər
a person or thing that brings something into existence.


Whether you need day-to-day executive-level support or monthly business coaching, we're here to help launch your dream. We'll clarify your vision, implement a strategic, purposeful structure, and provide the ongoing oversight that will empower you throughout the process.

CLARIFY THE VISION: Explore the big vision, identify the values that will support it, and prioritize the actions necessary to make it real. 

  • Uncover core values and goals through in-depth inquiry  
  • Define individual, organizational, and charitable vision
  • Identify strategies that protect assets, manage liabilities, and mitigate risk
  • Translate the mysteries of law, tax, and finance into useful concepts
  • Audit existing activities and business models
  • Revisit and reflect to ensure alignment with stated goals

IMPLEMENT A STRATEGIC, PURPOSEFUL STRUCTURE: Craft business, charitable, and lifestyle frameworks that are strong and adaptable. 

  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Create sound, flexible legal and business structures that are aligned with values
  • Facilitate legal entity formation, key agreements, compliance, insurance, commercial and private real estate, and employment and estate planning matters
  • Engage a customized team of key advisors and professional service providers (CPAs, bookkeepers, attorneys, insurance brokers, and more)
  • Develop a comprehensive archive and compliance plan for business records


  • Provide coaching and advisement, and ongoing oversight of business operations
  • Act as efficient liaison with advisors
  • Steward individual, organizational, and charitable vision


Together we determine a monthly retainer fee based on needs, circumstances, and services provided. We keep our client list small to ensure customized, meaningful working relationships. For more information about services or to schedule time for a conversation, please contact us.